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sjhassan14sjhassan14 Posts: 4 Apprentice

I am facing one problem in making my way-points relative. actually I am using UR10 for pick and place object.
so I set one Fixed waypoint = Parking  and according to that i make the next relative waypoint.
same i did with the Picking place fixed and make waypoint relative to Picking place. so that if i move any fixed waypoint (parking or picking place) so all other relative points changes accordingly.
The problem is that in between two relative waypoint (parking relative last waypoint ) and (picking place first relative waypoint) the robot didnot jump but move some other direction.
Please see the following picture for better understanding.

What function i use so the  robot jump between two relative waypoint?



  • David_GariepyDavid_Gariepy Posts: 34 Handy
    Hello sjhassan14,

    Relative waypoints are relative to the robot arm’s previous position. It calculate the difference between the "from" and "to" position and move the robot by the distance define between these 2 points from it's current position. 

    For your application, you should use a plan feature.
    Let's say you have a table and want to teach waypoints relative to this table.  You will define a plan feature on this table.
    To do so, go in installation tab, features, and select plane
    The point 1 is the origin.  which could be a corner of the table. 
    The point 2 will define the y-direction of the plan. Jog the robot on a edge of the table that will become the y direction of the plane. 
    The point 3 will define the orientation. Jog the robot on the x axis on the table.

    Once you plan is define, set a moveL and select the plane you defined as feature. Each child waypoints will be relative to this feature plane.

    So if you move the table, you just need to redefine the feature plane and all the waypoints will move accordingly.  

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