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matthewd92matthewd92 Posts: 418 Handy
Does anyone know how to start the modbus client from the run screen of the UR?  When you are in the program screen you can go to installation and then modbus client and hit the "refresh" icon up in the upper right corner.  When our customers are in the run screen though there is no way to perform this task when we first turn on the robot.  Is there a way from script to execute the same functionality that we can just add to the top of the program?

@Stefan_Stubgaard any suggestions?

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  • Stefan_StubgaardStefan_Stubgaard Posts: 39 Handy
    @matthewd92 no script for "refreshing the client" is available. What happens when you press the "refresh" button is that all modbus signals are deleted and then added again by using the standard script codes modbus_delete_signal() and modbus_add_signal()
  • matthewd92matthewd92 Posts: 418 Handy
    So @Stefan_Stubgaard what do we do when we first turn on the robot from being powered off to get modbus back up and running?  Do I have to basically give the customer the password to go to the program screen so they can refresh?  On power up the modbus is not active and if you hit play the program just faults out. 
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