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matthewd92matthewd92 Posts: 418 Handy
edited October 2016 in Troubleshooting
We have a CB3.1 UR5 running 3.3.0 software and today during program execution we started receiving the error shown below.  @Stefan_Stubgaard or @Grady_Turner have you guys seen this before?  Any ideas on where to look for the cause?

@Stefan_Stubgaard it would be helpful if more information could be displayed on the errors pointing us to where they are being thrown.


  • Stefan_StubgaardStefan_Stubgaard Posts: 39 Handy

    @matthewd92 This seems to be an exception in the controller.

    Do you operate with multiple threads in your program? In software 3.3.1 a related issue caused by multiple threads was fixed.

    I recommend to update to latest software 3.3.3, released October 25, and verify if problem is fixed. If not, then try supressing the threads and verify program again.

    If the problem still persist, you can report it as a bug to the distributor from where the robot is purchased.

  • matthewd92matthewd92 Posts: 418 Handy
    We are running 7 or 8 threads in this program as we are controlling multiple other processes.  I am in the process of getting up to 3.3.3 this morning.  I will post back if that seems to resolve the issue.  We run at least 4 threads on all of our robots and have never seen this issue before.  It would be helpful if the error gave some sort of indication as to where it came from, a stack dump or something so that we can try to pinpoint where in the program it is being caused.
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